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Lease Programs

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Leasing Options:

  • Makes high-cost equipment affordable - In today’s hi-tech professional world acquiring top quality equipment requires considerable expense. Leasing eliminates this by establishing a structure of fixed payments over a short or long term (1-5 years) based on your needs.
  • Allows the equipment to pay for itself - With a simple fixed monthly payment, a lease allows you to consider the equipment as it is being used.
  • Offers 100% financing - Leasing is a Total Package Agreement. You can even finance related "soft costs" such as software, delivery, installation and freight.
  • Simplifies the loan process- Leasing is much simpler than a bank loan where the red tape can delay the application and decision. Helps eliminate obsolescence, with today's advances in technology, most office and business equipment soon become obsolete.
  • Conserves capital- Leasing can free capital that can be crucial for business when the need for increased inventory, marketing, advertising initiatives and added personal demand a constant and reliable cash flow.
  • Ease of approval - Sa-Ro Leasing offers a quick and simple approval process. Plus, our friendly staff will help guide you and answer all your questions throughout the process.

Leasing Programs:

  • Capital Leases: This is a lease that fails to qualify as an Operating Lease under GAAP guidelines; therefore the asset and attendant liability are recorded on the lessee’s balance sheet. The asset is depreciated as though it were acquired with cash or financed via a loan. This structure is typically secured only by the asset on the lease schedule and can be structured with a variety of payment structures and end of term purchase options.  
  • Operating Leases: This structure qualifies as an Operating Lease under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) SFAS13 guidelines. Accounting benefits include keeping the liability and asset off-balance sheet. This provides enhanced financial reporting by improving a company's financial ratios. In some cases, this structure allows a company to remain within its bank covenants.
  • Sale and Leaseback: A sale and leaseback transaction provides your firm with increases cash flow and all the benefits associated with the chosen lease structure. It is often utilized to generate value out of previously purchased assets. Companies that have purchased large amounts of equipment over a previous six-month period or that own higher value collateral (such as manufacturing equipment) purchased years earlier can qualify for a sale and lease back transaction.
  • Start-Up Financing: Financing for customers who have been in business less than 2 years and are seeking equipment financing or construction and permanent financing.